> The SVN HTTP version does seem to be showing revision 297 which is 10
> days old, I'll see if the server has stopped or something.
> You should really be using proper SVN or TortoiseSVN, which will show a
> much later revision including the units Arno checked in this morning.

> //

> Do you use a Subversion client via the HTTP URL? It seems that the Apache
> server as a problem, at least Visual SVN shows me an old revision #297.
> If so, try the svn protocol URL: svn://svn.overbyte.be/ics/branches/icsv7
> In TortoiseSVN right-click on your local work copy root and select
> Relocate from the Tortoise context menu.

It's working now:


I was using proper SVN, as I use it for my own projects as well.

Before, when I did an "SVN update" it would say I was already at the last 

Yesterday and today it then started saying:
"Error: PROPFIND request failed on '/svn/ics/branches/icsv7'
Error: PROPFIND of '/svn/ics/branches/icsv7': could not connect to server 
(http://svn.overbyte.be:8443)  "
when I tried and "SVN Update"

I followed Arno's advice and did a "relocate".  Changed:
http://svn.overbyte.be:8443/svn/ics/branches/icsv7 to the suggested server 

That then worked (several files were updated) except for one file, the 

"Error: Checksum mismatch for 
'D:\Builder\Projects\classes\Online\ICS2009\[ICS] - Under Overbyte SVN 
control\Delphi\Vc32\.svn\text-base\OverbyteIcsMD5.pas.svn-base'; expected: 
'02c3842eb689c6194bb85827112d045a', actual: 
Error: Try a "Cleanup". If that doesn't work you need to do a fresh 
checkout. "

Cleanup did not help so I ended up checking everything out again and now it 
works again.

Any suggestions on the fact why I can't send that UTF-8 character through 
via POST ?
I works via GET, so I'm sure I'm missing something ?
PS.  I use the daily digest.  If the question has been answered already I 
will see it it next digest.


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