Hello Arno,

First  of  all  I have to say I am actually learning about SSL so I am
not  yet  fluent  with  it,  excuse my answers and "stupid" beginner's
questions .

AG> Does your PEM file actually include a private key?
AG> Or is the private key stored in a separate PEM file?

Not sure about public or private key as my OpenSSL tests has been done
using  PKCS11 but because the SmartCard has two certificates, I had to
extract  them  manually,  convert  into  cert/pem  and  pass  them  as
OpenSSL's parameter.

AG> Which demo are you talking about?


AG> Which PEM files are specified in Demo's "Cert File" and "Key File" 
AG> Edits?

The demo has CAfile, CertFile and PrivateKey properties, I tried to
set them as I did it with OpenSSL command line.

Do this "no start line" error mean many things ?


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