*I don't see anywere in your code logging of the ErrCode argument in the
TWSocket events! So it is not sure where you get the error 5*

procedure TForm3.SocketSessionClosed(Sender: TObject; ErrCode: Word);
begin                           {this  is Socket = TWSocket}
memo1.lines.add('Proxy Disconnected from Server!');
memo1.lines.add( Format('Error %d on SocketSessionClosed', [GetLastError])
ClientConnected:= False;

only here i got error : "Error 5 on SocketSessionClosed"
Only this socket closes.

LocalClient (TWSocketClient) is still connected to server (TWServerSocket)

I see you have a procedure ServerDataAvailable. Is this handler assigned
to the OnDataAvailable of TWSocketServer? If so this is wrong. The
serversocket will not receive data.

LocalClient is assigned in Server.OnClientConnect. That is good if you
use only 1 connection simultanously but if a second connection is
etablished you loose the original reference to it.*

well.. i still only lierning delphi
and this was only way that i can figure out to get all this work

dont have an idea how to do this in other way..

*I already asked this, but again: witch socket does the close? And as
additional question, when does it close (when sending, receiving etc)?*

Closes only Socket (TWsocket)
LocalClient Socket (TWSocketClient) is still connected to Server

its closes on Socket.Receive
in packet log i see: Proxy Read from server -1 bytes <--this is
socket.Receive (TWsocket)
in error log i see: Error 5 on SocketSessionClosed  <-this is socket

sory for my poor English.

Thanks for your time
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