>>>> Francois, you're right, properties will go better. I'll be waiting
>>>> for updates of Logger in SVN =)
>>> Won't it be much cleaner to just add a single property
>>> "TimeStampFormatString : String"? That covered everything and can be
>>> set to "hh:nn:ss:zzz " by default in order to maintain backwards
>>> compatibility.
>> LogColumnSeparator is also useful.
>> It is clear that having a separate date format and time format is not
>> required. A single format string is enough because one can add the
>> LogColumnSeparator that format string (anyway, that's what Anton's
>> code do by concatenation dateformat, columnsep and time format).
> That's true, but concatenating strings is slow and should be avoided
> whenever possible. In Anton's change there are three properties to form
> a simple DataTime string including the separator, this should be
> simplified IMO.

Maybe I was not clear. I agree with you with a single format string for date 
and time. Nevertheless LogColumnSeparator is really useful. and should be 

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