Hi all

I'm using TWSocketServer to listen to the 9100 port and retrieve some 
RAW printings from various mainframes.
It works flawlessly , sometimes a little slow, but still ok.
I've tried to connect to a VMS, using their proprietary program called 
DCPS.  It states that the server must be bidirectional to work.
In fact, if I try to send from the VMS to the PC with the TWSocketServer 
default settings, I receive some data ( 1-2 bytes per 10 seconds) then I 
get a VMS error.

I was assuming that the "RAW" protocol was unidirectional, and in fact I 
don't understand what the "bidirectional" term involves, as there is 
nothing to send back to the server.( unlike the LPD/PLR protocol)

Have you any clues of some tweaking like enabling LineEcho or other 
options ?

Many Thanks

Jacques Lorenzi

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