Fastream Technologies wrote:
> Windows has the limit of 260 chars per path/file name. Maybe your
> names are bigger than that(?)

No, the IniFile does not store values but strings.
In the meanwhile it turned out to be an issue with TMemo.Lines
(D7?) being passed to LoadStringsFromIniFile() in the MailSnd demo.
If I pass a TStringList instead no problemo.

Arno Garrels

> HTH,
> SZ
> On 5/15/09, Arno Garrels <> wrote:
>> Fastream Technologies wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I think there ought to be some doc. for this... The reason is I am
>>> having problems with speed of TIniFile and reliability of
>>> tmeminifile. 
>> It is derived from TMemIniFile so it is as (un)reliable as
>> TMemIniFile. It can store UNICODE as UTF-8 however I recently
>> noticed that in the SmtpSnd demo very long filenames with spaces got
>> truncated, did not yet had the time to check whether this is a bug
>> in my implementation or in TMemIniFile.
>> --
>> Arno Garrels
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