Paul Dirschka wrote:

> I'm testing OverbyteICSHttpstst GET that is failing when passed
> through Squid Proxy 2.7. 
> The request is successful when used without the proxy.

Very strange, since with HTTPS the proxy just tunnels the connection.
A common proxy is not able to see and change any data it tunnels. 

> The request is successful using Firefox or IE using the Proxy. 
> Following is the log generated by the failed request in
> OverbyteICSHttpstst.  If you notice something that might help me
> understand why this is failing please let me know. 

I cannot find an error in the log.  

> The request seems to be handled by the proxy (at least initially)
> successfully, and then SSL handshake to the site also seems to be
> successful, but from what I can tell the GET never makes it to the
> host.

Why do you think so? The server even sends the response "400 Invalid URI".
And the log shows that the request has been been sent completely.

Arno Garrels

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