> >Probably historical, over the years the code gets standarised and
> >simplified if possible, but sometimes old bits get left behind. 
> So, these bits will be sometime replaced by new ones?

Yes, a lot of old conditional code for obsolete compilers is slowly being
removed from v7, ditto duplicated code but cautiously to avoid
introducing new bugs.  

>   FtpCliVersion      = 707;
> just now updated from SVN. Where I can find the v7.08?

Sorry, my fault, the server is 7.08, the client is 7.07.  

Looking briefly at the code, I'm not sure I'll change anything since
DestroyLocalStream is for a clean destroy including decompressing a Zmode
transfer, while FLocalStream.Destroy is used in various places before
opening a new stream or after errors, or for internal purposes, where no
decompression should be done. 


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