Arno Garrels wrote:
> Paul Dirschka wrote:
>> I'm testing OverbyteICSHttpstst GET that is failing when passed
>> through Squid Proxy 2.7.
>> The request is successful when used without the proxy.
> Very strange, since with HTTPS the proxy just tunnels the connection.
> A common proxy is not able to see and change any data it tunnels.

I think there's a bug in THttpCli!
When SSL connections are tunneled thru a proxy the GET header does not
change after the tunnel has been established. The GET header line
always contains the initial value, that is the full URL without user 
and passwort. That's probably why "400 Invalid URI" is returned. 
Also relocation does not work with tunneled connections :(
I've already a quik fix, but cannot test it with all possible 

Arno Garrels
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