> Ok, the "other" application, in this scenario the server has a
> OnDataAvailable event where the first statement is a OutputDebugString
> command so I can see with Sysinternal's DbgView which messages are
> written and which not. In the good case the message can be seen in the
> bad one it's missing in the debug view so it didn't happen.
> What happens between WinSock and TWSocket? Where could it go lost? It
> hat the correct line end (#7, #8, #9, #0A #0D in my case).

You should place your OutputDebugString in TWSocket, at the lowest level.
That is in TCustomWSocket.WMAsyncSelect, for example just before Do_FD_READ
is called.

WMAsyncSelect is the nearly the lowest level just above WinSock. The actual
lowest level is TCustomWSocket.WndProc which receive the messages dispatched
by WinSock.

I suggest you single step the code to try to understand why OnDataAvailable
is not triggered.

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