> I am using tftpcli in passive mode to upload files, while uploading a
> for some reason if a connection problem occurs in the
> middle of the transfer, the program freezes ,

There is no reason inside ICS which could freeze the program since it uses
async operation. Please try the same upload using FtpTst sample application
delivered with ICS to see if it comes from your own coding. If it occurs
with FtpTst, then do some more testing:
1) Try on several other computers
2) Check your security products such as firewall, anti malware and similar.
Some are bugged and make async winsock operation blocking !

>to overcome this problem I thought that I can,
>- Create a thread to make the ftp transfer
>- Assign OnProgress event, and in this event handler
>   PostMessage to the main application window,
>- In main thread if message from thread does not come
>   for long time, kill the thread and restart the  uploading
>   by creating another thread instance.
>Is this approach is a proper solution or what would you suggest?

This would be just a work around. You should be find the root cause and
suppress it.

Author of ICS (Internet Component Suite, freeware)
Author of MidWare (Multi-tier framework, freeware)

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