Is there a problem having multiple instances of ICS socket objects on the same thread? I have a Delphi app (single threaded) with different ICS-based objects in various units. I saw today what looked like crossover functionality between some of them. I'm getting TTimer access violation errors that only occur if I am simultaneously running a TTnCnx client in one unit and a TWSocketServer server in the other ... AND ... the errors only occur after I have made and closed a connection to the server. If the TTnCnx client is not active, I can make and break connections to the sever indefintely without any TTimer issues. If the server is not running, TTnCnx works fine indefinitely. But, if both are active and I make and break a single server connection, after a predictable amount of time (~3min) I will get repetitive TTimer access violations.

Does ICS use any singletons in a thread (globals) or anything that might tie these two uses together somehow?

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