Arno Garrels wrote:
>> I don't think it could be a problem. But f it does, GetQueueStatus
>> can be called to know if there is a WM_TIMER message already in the
>> queue.

Did some testing with sending 1000 SendNotifyMessages to the main
thread per second. Then I paused message processing for 10 seconds
by holding the [X] system button pressed. CPU use increased to ~50%
and entire system became very slow, almost non-responsive, I had to
kill the process which took me several minutes while CPU temperature
was in the red area. 

Same test with PostMessage works without this effect however 
the queue size is limited (10.000 messages) by default, so any 
subsequent call to PostMessage fails, which was a disaster as well.   

> GetQueueStatus returns the status of the calling thread's queue only.
> I have not yet found a way to examine the message queue of another
> thread, seems impossible.

Even the was possible, I think it won't work because of ICS sharing 
windows :(

Arno Garrels

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