Markus Humm wrote:

> Ok, but I think I already obeyed to this. 

The correct sequence was ThreadDetach in context of the
thread that created the data module, later in TThread.Execute:

    PumpMessages until SessionClosed;    

ThreadDetach destroys the hidden window and ThreadAttach creates
a new one. Special care must be taken to not use property "Handle"
while no window handle is allocated since this silently created a
new one ( at least since ICS V6 ).
ICS events are always executed in the context of the thread that 
created the hidden window! 

> Let's see what the dynamic
> creation will bring. 

It works reliable, I use TSmptCli and other ICS components in worker
threads since many years successfully.  

> I suppose I don't need any thread attach/detach
> then when I do it inside execute?

Correct, just create and destroy the object in TThread.Execute, very

Arno Garrels 
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