> Hi ,All.
>    I want to write a TCP Server that need support about 20,000+
> connections.and I search the mail list.i find the url:
> http://marc.info/?l=twsocket&m=106321910523681&w=2
> francois.pie...@overbyte.be say: use a thread for each 20-100 connections.
>  but i know how to make a sock with a thread,but how to use a thread
> for each 20-100 connections.
> someone can give me a demo (source code).

Before starting your development, what will your server configuration once
deployed ? You need a large beast such as a dual quadcore xeon with the
maximum ram supported on the computer, fast SCSI drive to support such load.

A quick note: please describe your application. Most of the time you can
reduce the number of simultaneous connections by carefully designing your

What is the actual number of ACTIVE clients at a given time, average on a 5
minutes interval and peak at a given instant.

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