Azrin Aris wrote:
> I'm quite new to ICS THttpCli and now trying the
THttpCli example. I 
> just try to open a website but what I got is    
<noscript>You must 
> enable JavaScript in your browser.</noscript>.
> My question is how can I enable JavaScript in HttpCli?

THttpCli implements HTTP, which is the Hyper-Text
Transport Protocol. This is the communications
protocol between the web server and client, which is
only a very small part of a full-featured web browser.

The parsing and rendering of HTML, the display of
images, and the execution of JavaScript, plug-ins and
other embedded objects; are strictly functions of the
web browser, and outside the scope of THttpCli--and
ICS in general.

In practice, you would create an application--a
custom web browser--that uses THttpCli to request and
retrieve data to and from the HTTP server.  Once the
data is received, your application will consume it by
using any other sort of mechanisms available to it to
render or process this data.  This could be a
third-party rendering engine, such as Gecko or
WebKit, or a custom made one.

To support JavaScript you need a script engine that
will parse and execute the script code.  This topic
is outside the scope of this mailing-list.  However,
here is a list of available scripting engines to give
you an idea:

Note that some of these are proprietary or commercial
technologies, and may not be readily available.


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