Max Terentiev wrote:
> Hi,

> It's possible to use multiple TSmtpCli inside single TThread ?

> For example, I want to handle 100 connections using 5 TThreads.
> Each TThread should contain 20 TStmpCli's.
> Is it's possible ?

No problem, however you should consider to use just as many 
threads as CPUs are available. It's no problem to have 100 ICS 
objects and more in a single thread.
> I must use T(ssl)SmtpCli or TSYNCSmtpCli ?

Use TSslSmtpCli and call the async methods. Your threads must
also implement a message pump or simply call the ICS, built-in, 
message pump instead (TSslSmtpCli.CtrlSocket.MessageLoop). 
You also have to instanciate a TSslStaticLock object in a 
multi-threaded environment to make the OpenSSL libraries thread-safe. 
Read comments in unit OverbyteIcsThrdLock.pas for more details.
Also TSslContext should be thread-safe so it's not required to use 
one context object per TSslSmtpCli instance.

Arno Garrels
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