If you can't easily use network broadcasts, you could setup a local IRC
server, and have each app' connect to that as a client.   Sort of your
own LAN botnet!   On a LAN, UDP works nicely too, if the LAN is not too

Most local machine AV/Firewall systems will allow outgoing connections,
and the resulting replies.  But indeed will prevent unscheduled incoming
data, even from other LAN clients, unless they are preconfigured to
allow such stuff.

Historicaly, windows messaging was a popular vector for bad guys to use.
If you do your own IRC server/client scheme, you can use non standard
ports and protocols, hopefully reducing any likelyhood of any trouble if
a machine should become visible to the www.   But whatever you do, keep
a check on your message buffer pointers and boundries, and the ammount
of incoming data destined for them.  Ie, try to prevent creating (yet)
another buffer overflow problem.

Just one idea.


Dave B.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Paul [mailto:paul.blommae...@telenet.be] 
> Sent: 02 September 2009 08:05
> To: TWsocket
> Subject: [twsocket] Broadcasts on local network
> I'm searching for a way to broadcast messages over a local network.
> The application acts as a sort of chat program, but for 
> application messages.
> The problem is that almost all AV scanners block applications 
> with listening sockets.
> Any ideas are welcome
> Paul 
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