> Hello!
> >     else if (Ext = 'doc') or (Ext = 'docx') then
> >         Result := 'application/msword'
> >     else if (Ext = 'xls') or (Ext = 'xlsx') then
> >         Result := 'application/vnd.ms-excel'
> >     else if (Ext = 'ppt') or (Ext = 'pptx') then
> >         Result := 'application/vnd.ms-powerpoint'
> In my opinion, such things shouldn't be kept in component's 
> source code.
> There should be external (or stored as resource) 
> configuration file that contains all extension-content type pairs.  
I agree, in fact, it should be a callback or a virtual helper method. I have
situations where the content type is depended on the client (don't ask, UPnP
does it to you) or depend on the application. It is not very nice to have to
edit the ICS sources at all in this cases.

Also in the  THttpConnection.SendDocument would benefit from a callback
(either to a client or a virtual method) to add some things to the header
before it is send. 


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