Fastream Technologies wrote:
> Where could I get more info on the proper way to do that?

Dunno for C++ Builder.
These articles address Delphi, however they are useful for 
C++ Builder users as well:

Basically, the System::String type now maps to UnicodeString in 2009
and later, UnicodeString is the default string type now, most of the 
VCL and RTL are Unicode, based on System::String, and the Win32 W-API
is called by default whereas the A-API was the default previously.
That is why you should not try to workaround Unicode, it would lead
to plenty of slow string casts with potential data loss. Note that
the Win32 W-API is much faster because Windows does not need to convert
strings back and forth internally.
Use AnsiString only if it needs to be strictly Ansi.
Once your application is fully migrated to Unicode you may disable 
directive STRINGCHECKS in which is ON by default
for C++ Builder.

Also keep in Mind:
Char = WideChar (two bytes now)
PChar = PWideChar

Arno Garrels

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