In our reverse proxy where the traffic is routed through it, our product
offers HTML authentication. Basically unless a cookie is present a web page
is displayed that posts data to another which issues the cookie and
redirects. It works well in reverse proxy case but not in forward proxy--the
target domain in forward proxy varies! For example, www.zaman.com.tr (a
newspaper) gets images from media.zaman.com.tr. When we set-cookie in
www.zaman.com.tr proxy page, it is not perceived by the browser to be
cookie:'ed to media.zaman.com.tr. I need this cookie which is per proxy
server not per domain to be sent by browser to all domains. Is there a way
for this? I tried DOMAIN=* but it did not work. I think there should be a
way but I believe I am missing something. Any idea?


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