I move my app from ICS v5 to v6 and notice randomly AV
in TCustomWSocket.Receive:

function TCustomWSocket.Receive(Buffer : TWSocketData; BufferSize: Integer) : Integer;
   Result := DoRecv(Buffer, BufferSize, 0);
   if Result < 0 then
       FLastError := WSocket_Synchronized_WSAGetLastError
       { Here we should check for overflows ! It is well possible to }
       { receive more than 2GB during a single session.              }
       { Or we could use an Int64 variable...                        }
       FReadCount := FReadCount + Result; <<< AV Here !

AV always at FReadCount := FReadCount + Result; line.

My app use TSmtpCli in async mode and PingThread by
Angus Robertson. IDE = BCB6.

I never notice this problem with ICS v5.

Maybe I must update some my code to avoid problems with V6 ?

With best regards, Max Terentiev.
Business Software Products.
AMS Development Team.
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