I have finally managed to build downloading with ICSFTP ASYNC mode and it works very good.


I would like check the file i am downloading from the server and see if it is newer then the target,
Source is --> ftp.myftp.com
Source file is --> My file
Destination is --> C:\Folder\My file
if it is never then the target, I will download it else I will do nothing.
Is this possible? if yes, any ideas how?

Actually your problem is getting the timestamp of the file at the FTP server side. We already talked about that topic. Please reread the messages and then ask your questions.

Once you get the remote file timestamp, you have to compare with local file timestamp. You can get the timestamp using windows API or Delphi runtime. The problem you'll have that the time is maybe not the same at server side and at client side. You have to manage that.

When you download a file, his timestamp is not preserved, so you must get the timestamp from remote side and then apply it locally after download.

Question 2)
How can I make sure?
- Download will be resumed automatically

You have to program that yourself, checking result and then restarting the download where it stopped (the component support resuming at a given position).

- Download will continue even if the bandwith goes very very low.

Nothing to do.

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