just for the record, I found an ugly memory leak in the PemTool. 
Will fix it soon however here's a workaround:

The following call converts a Windows DER formated certificate to
an OpenSSL X509 structure: 
f_d2i_X509(nil, @pCertContext.pbCertEncoded, pCertContext.cbCertEncoded);

Instead of assigning it directly to TX509Base.X509 just assign it to a 
temporary variable of type PX509 and free the variable after assigning
it to TX509Base like:
  xTmp : PX509;
xTmp := f_d2i_X509(nil, @pCertContext.pbCertEncoded, 
if Assigned(xTmp) then
    Cert.X509 := xTmp;
    f_X509_free(xTmp); // !!
Arno Garrels
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