Arno -

With a program sending multiple emails, one user is getting this:

< 250 <>... Sender ok
< 451 Too many messages
Send failed
RequestDone Rq=9 Error=451
Disconnect failed
RequestDone Rq=6 Error=451

Are those messages just carbon copies or blind carbon copies?
If so, you could try to issue Data when you get the 451 error,
and send the next 25 after command Reset if the server
does not drop the connection of course.

No, the emails aren't carbon copies, though the text might be identical.

Second,  how can I avoid the Disconnect failed error as well?

Where does it come from? Does the server disconnect the line?

I am issuing a Quit() myself when the Mail() command fails.  The log output
above is generated in the SmtpClientRequestDone event

   switch (LastRequest)
   case 8:
     s = (Error == 0) ? "Connected" : "Connect failed"; break;
   case 9:
     s = (Error == 0) ? "Mail sent" : "Send failed"; break;
   case 6:
     s = (Error == 0) ? "Disconnected" : "Disconnect failed"; break;

Albert -

There are hosts who limit the amount of mails send per hour. If this is the
case then splitting the bulk will not work as this will not influence the
amount of emails sent per hour. I had an issue with that with my provider
while mailing a newsletter. After I reached 100 I could not send any mail
that hour, not even my private mail. So it's a mail server issue, but also a
provider issue.

Yes, it sounds as though I need to ask the user to talk to their service
provider.  But 25 emails seems unbelievably stingy.

- Max

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