Few weeks ago I write about AccessViolation in TCustomWSocket.Receive !

I transfer my project to BCB2007, I install latest ICS v6 from overbite website...
But bug still here :-(

After few days of investigation I sure about it:

1. Bug happens only if connection made via Socks proxy
2. Bug happens immediately after connecting to Socks proxy.
3. Bug happens if socks buffer (FRcvBuf) contains more than 10 bytes of data. 4. No matter how many parallel TWSockets used (bug happens on single WSocket).

I made video where you can see step-by-step execution in BCB 2007 debugger
(from start of receiving data up to AV).

You can watch it here:

It's should help ICS authors to fix the bug !

I probably can't fix it myself because it's requires very deep ICS knowledge.

With best regards, Max Terentiev.
Business Software Products.
AMS Development Team.
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