> Hi guys,
> I have seen the same pop up as well.

I have seen them for a while as well.  I was quite surprised when I first
started seeing them.  I use IE 8 and have like 3 popup blockers, but the
popups still come up.  

Specifically, when I first load the site, popups try to load, but my
blockers suppress them.  Then, when I click on the "Support" link in the
navigation links, a popup comes up, even though I have multiple blockers.
How do they do that?  Arrgggh.  :(

I just tested it again and the first time I loaded the site and selected
"Support", I got a popup with this URL:

I closed the browser, reloaded the site, clicked "Support" and got a popup
with this URL:

I noticed this a while back, but assumed it was excepted behavior.  If it is
not, then it would be nice if they could go away?  :)

Regards... Hoby

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