René Puyhaubert wrote:

> What do you means with "all in one methods" in :
> "this type requires the AUTH command being issued, if you do not use
> the "all in one methods".
> Is it one parameter of TSslFtpClient  ?

T(Ssl)FtpClient has special methods which combine multiple single FTP 
requests in one component method (search OverbyteIcsFtpCli.pas for 
"HighLevel" for details), for example method ConnectAsync internally calls 
ftpOpenAsync, ftpAuthAsync, ftpUserAsync, ftpPassAsync and ftpAccountAsync.
So this includes the AUTH command _if required.

> My ftps server don't use Certificate validation.
> Could it be an explanation ?

No, I do not think so. 

>  I can only connect this ftp with FileZilla, when I set the port to
> 990 and the protocol to "FTPES : Ftp over explicit TSL/SSL".

That sounds weird, port number 990 is the default port for implicit

> LastResponse was : '534 AUTH command is disabled.'

So you got a connection, right? Which SSL Type did you select in the
demo in this case?

Arno Garrels

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