Arno Garrels wrote:
> Primoz Gabrijelcic wrote:
>> Recently  I  was  working  on  Silverlight/Delphi integration via
>> SOAP services and I found a problem in HTTP Server component.
>> When  Silverlight  issues  SOAP  POST, it does not terminate POST
>> data with  newline. (Same happens with WPF application and
>> BasicHttpBinding so that's definitely a global .NET issue.)
>> That  causes  problems  with the THttpServer component  because it
>> reads HTTP request (including  POST data) in line mode. Because
>> terminating newline never appears, THttpConnection doesn't  process
>> POST data and it doesn't notice that client already sent all data it
>> was supposed to send.
>> My temporary fix was to switch line mode off in ProcessPost:
>>    hgAcceptData:
>>    begin
>>        FAcceptPostedData := TRUE;
>>        LineMode := false; //FAB
>>    end
>> It looks like this fixes the problem.
> I think so. Does anybody else see any side effects with this
> change? Otherwise I'll add it to both V6 and V7.

I won't add it because it might break backwards compatibility.
It's recommended to set LineMode to FALSE in application's
event handler OnPostDocument, as this is also shown in the demo.

Arno Garrels
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