SPDY is an experiment with protocols for the web.  Its goal is to reduce
the latency of web pages.

The SPDY session offers three basic improvements over HTTP:

* Multiplexed requests. There is no limit to the number of requests
that can be issued concurrently over a single SPDY connection.  Because
requests are interleaved on a single channel, the efficiency of TCP is
much higher.

* Prioritized requests. Clients can request certain resources to be
delivered first.  This avoids the problem of congesting the network
channel with non-critical resources when a high-priority request is

* Compressed headers.  Clients today send a significant amount of
redundant data in the form of HTTP headers.  Because a single web page
may require 50 or 100 subrequests, this data is significant. Compressing
the headers saves a significant amount of latency and bandwidth compared
to HTTP.


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