Hi Arno,

Thank you for your reply. No, a brand new project with USE_SSL for both
compilers with just the TSslHttpCli added doesn't compile either. Same

[BCC32 Error] OverbyteIcsHttpProt.hpp(340): E2316 'TX509Base' is not a
member of 'Overbyteicswsocket':

Taken from the hpp: void __fastcall SslHandshakeDone(System::TObject*
Sender, System::Word ErrCode, Overbyteicswsocket::TX509Base* PeerCert,
bool &Disconnect);

And then a long list of errors about TSsl* stuff not being members of

I'm puzzled...


> André Beuving wrote:
>> I keep having the same problem. As soon as I include
>> Overbyteicshttpprot I am in trouble.
>What happens when you create a new VCL application and drop a
>TSslHttpCli on the form, "USE_SSL" must be defined in the project
>options, try to define it for both compilers? Does it compile?
>Arno Garrels

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