> I downloaded the most current ICS Version 7 from 
> http://www.overbyte.be.

The most current version is dated 29th November 2009, last night. 

> I get the following errors in the "OverbyteIcsEmulVT.pas" 
> file:
>       [DCC Error] OverbyteIcsEmulVT.pas(3060): E2052 Unterminated
> string                v2 : String = 'âêîô?;
>       [DCC Error] OverbyteIcsEmulVT.pas(3061): E2052 Unterminated
> string                v3 : String = 'äëïö?;

The source code has correctly terminated strings, you must be opening the
file in some strange way, or it's corrupted:

    v1 : String = 'aeiou';
    v2 : String = 'âêîôû';
    v3 : String = 'äëïöü';

> I'm not sure why the Chinese terms "Shield Brick (âêîô)" and "Yang
> Zhen(äëïö) are needed in the file.

These are not chinese, but common European accented characters, a
character in v1 is translated to that in v2 or v3 depending upon shift


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