I need to build an application  as following,

I have server which receives info from the clients (info like: logs, hardware status, process status etc.). Server will also disribute installation files and content to the clients.

Clients will be connected to the server all the time and will send info (info like: logs, hardware status, process status etc.). Clients will also check if there are new updates/files and will download the files if there are new files. Clients will be capable of receiving files from the
server when the server sends the files.

What components from ICS I do need?
Do I need to have some kind of database?
Is it possible to protect the communication somehow?
What are my options?
Can I succeed with ICS?

This kind of application can be successfully developped using ICS. There are a lot of options to do that. We need better understanding of your constrains and requirements to help you.

Note that beside ICS, I wrote another component suite named MidWare.
MidWare is of course based on ICS for transport but is of much higherlevel.
Actaully MidWare is a multitier framework designed to build applications similar to what you describe. I have installation of MidWare having more than 500 concurrent users on a single server.
I use MS-SQL, Oracle or mySQL depending on the situation. I prefer MS-SQL.

MidWare looks closer to database stuff.
Follow the link to MidWare from http://www.overbyte.be
Please note that MidWare is not freeware when used in commercial applications.

Is it possible to protect the communication somehow?

Using pure ICS, you can use SSL to encrypt your communication.
MidWare has provision for compression and encryption. It could also use ICS-SSL altough I 've not done it yet.

The author of the freeware multi-tier middleware MidWare
The author of the freeware Internet Component Suite (ICS)

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