hi, i'm new here i use ICS in a new project of ftp client
and FtpClient1.Dir, FtpClient1.DirAsync don't show file or dir beginning with a dot
but if i use flash fxp i see weel file and dir with . at begin
ftp server is proftpd 1.32 last stable
ics is last cvs

on another server unix i have tried it work, i have tried with the demo OverbyteIcsFtpTst.dproj with same result on proftpd i don't see .dir .file

how can i found problem?

The ICS FTP component do not generate the file list itself. That's the server which generate the file list. The component just get it and give it untouched to the application. So if some file do not appear, then you have to look at server side. It could be related to user permission. If the server has log capabilities, then log the activity from falsh fxp client and then from ICS FTP client and search for differences.

i can send test account read only to a admin if you want

Yes, please.

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