BTW: This is an TLS extension called "Server Name Indication" (SNI), 
described in section 3.1 of RFC4366.
Apache claim it was available since OpenSSL 0.9.8f provided the
OpenSSL libraries were built with option enable-tlsext.

Arno Garrels

Fastream Technologies wrote:
> Hello,
> Customers say Apache could do this but I am not sure how. There was a
> discussion about this here a while ago but I do not think a
> conclusion has been reached. Any idea how to do that? How could SSL
> connection be established when the Host request header is not yet
> read and the domain data is still unknown? Or maybe the SSL handshake
> itself transmits the host info beforehand? Could somebody shed some
> light on this? This carries huge potential IMO as IPv4 addresses are
> getting more and more scarce/expensive each day.
> Best Regards,
> SZ
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