I found that Receive returns -1 with WSAEWOULDBLOCK error when DoDataAvailable is called with RcvdCount = 0.

WSAEWOULDBLOCK should safely be ignored.

So, the first question is: is it necessary to call method when no data available in fact,

Yes, it. There is somewhere a note from Microsoft saying RcvdCount is not reliable.

and the second: how to implement DataAvailable code in proper way? Is it possible for
async Receive to returb some error besides WSAEWOULDBLOCK (i.e. do I need
to check the error and report about it)?

Receive never return another error than WSAEWOULDBLOCK.
It returns 0 when the remote has gracefully closed the connection.
It return -1 and WSAEWOULDBLOCK when no data is available even if Windows triggered the FD_READ event which in turn triggers OnDataAvailable event. Any positive value means you got data in your buffer. If the returned value is smaller than your buffer then you have received all data. If not, the more data is available immediately. It is always better to always read all available data.

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