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[twsocket] TnScript: Changes needed to make it work with
Francois PIETTE francois.piette at
Mon Feb 1 18:24:33 UTC 2010

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Hello Wayne,

> I'm including the a very simple demo that I compiled and worked with
> Delphi7. It sees the login, supplies the user, password and ctrl-C to
> needed for our login. I then took the same source and compiled with
> Delphi2010. When I click the Connect button, I see the same "login:"
> prompt  but it does not seem to get detected in the 2010 version of the
> compilation. There is no error message and login remains idle until I
> manually supply the login credentials which then works fine. I'm willing
> to  debug this but I thought it would be something obvious to users of
> TnScript  module.

Fixed Ansi/Unicode issue in TTnCnx.ProcessInputData.
Please update fro SVN repository (or wait tomorrow for next zip file).

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