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> > Does ICS provide any means to set static ARP entries?
> No ICS does not have support ARP.
> There are various ARP APIs in the Internet Protocol Helper 
> API, try googling CreateIpNetEntry.  You'll also find an 
> Embarcadero Discussion Forums thread about privileges. 
> My web site has a partial conversion of the IP Helpher APIs, 
> which includes reporting ARP entries with GetIpNetTable but 
> not changing them.
> I suggest you start with these units and add the extra 
> functions you need, then please let me have them back for 
> others in the future. 
> http://www.magsys.co.uk/delphi/magiphlp.asp
> Angus

Or implement a simple message handshake protocol of your own?  Like send
a crude checksum value back to the sender, for it to decide what to do

I've on and off been playing with shovelling GPIB instrument traffic
over the LAN via UDP, as much as an experiment in programming as
anything else, and found that even on a quiet LAN, you still get some
packet loss with UDP.  But it's relatively trivial to add a simple
message handshake system, if you don't (or cant for whatever reason) use

Take care with ARP etc, it's too easy to totally compromise a LAN with
that.  In some installations too, the IT peeps might be keeping an eye
on ARP traffic, and "send the heavies round" if something odd is seen to
be happening at your location, as it's a common LAN attack method.
Google "ARP Games".

It can be fun to fiddle on your own system, but.......


Dave B.
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