I use the V5 ICS package  1.52.


I've a timer which checks all 15 seconds that there are not a time out on
client to kill it. 

And In this procedure , I had a violation error aleatory. I used V1.47 ICS.
So I've compiled with 1.52 but I don't know yet if the problem is solved or


In this procedure, when the timeout expired, I launch a postmessage to kill
the inactive client so that:

PostMessage(ftpserveur.Handle, WM_FTPSRV_CLOSE_REQUEST,



But after this postmessage, my code doesn't pass in OnclientDisconnect
event. It's hard to test because it's aleatory.


I've the same case when I receive a QUIT command. I do nothing but my code
doesn't pass in OnclientDisconnect event. It's also aleatory.


Have you got an idea , please ?


Maybe in the first case, I can replace postmessage by client.closedelayed ?


I'm sorry but for the time being, I can't compile whit V7.







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