Mark Jacobs wrote:
> I have been a user and keen fan of the ICS component suite for many
>  years now. I am using the latest set for BCB5 (Sep.12 2009) and I am
> encountering a strange problem with the THtmlSmtpCli component. If I
> send an HTML email out and one of the paragraphs contains exactly 150
> characters plus a period (. full stop) to terminate it, followed by a
> blank line and some other text, the email is truncated at that
> period, and the email is plain text (because of the truncation). 

As far as I remember this was fixed some years back in ICS v6/v7.
Here's the MailHtml demo compiled with D7 from latest v7 sources :

AFAIR the reason was the quoted-printable encoding that could 
produce an unmasked sequence <CRLF>.<CRLF>. 
A single dot on a line has to be doubled otherwise the server
assumes end of Data transfer. 

Arno Garrels    
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