> I'm testing ICS V7 FTP server demo from latest SVN checkout. I use
> FileZilla client connecting to it and option "Use compression for 
> all transfers" is on.
> Exception is thrown in TClientProcessingThread.Execute.
> Debugger tells me that threads Client.DataStream is nil. However in
> TFtpServer.DoStartSendData Client.Datastream is assigned, when 
> passed to the thread. It is strange.

I don't see a problem, I use compression all the time since my file
listings have lost of files, 1,807 in this case. 

Which version of Delphi? Are you using the standard zlib stuff or have
you changes the defaults? 

22:03:00 angusadmin [] [50] Using thread to list directory
22:03:00 angusadmin [] [50] Completed directory listing for:
d:\logs\pub1\*.*, Total Files: 1807
22:03:00 angusadmin [] [50] Alter Directory: 
22:03:00 angusadmin [] [50] Using thread to compress upload
file: Directory: d:\logs\pub1\*.*, Level 1
22:03:00 angusadmin [] [50]  took 0ms, compressed size
33.6Kbytes, uncompressed size 192Kbytes
22:03:00 angusadmin [] [50] > 150 Opening data connection
for directory list.
22:03:00 angusadmin [] [50] Download Start - 
22:03:01 angusadmin [] [50] Directory 33.6Kbytes sent in
219 milliseconds
22:03:01 angusadmin [] [50] > 226 File sent ok compressed
size 33.6Kbytes, uncompressed size 192Kbytes


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