> What I'm trying to accomplish is...
> POST a string to a PHP script on the web server and simply have it 
> return another  string;
> so I guess my question is what does a valid POST string look like?

It is not so much what it looks like, but what the PHP script is
expecting that matters, and every script will be different.  

There is usually a web page designed to submit the correct POST arguments,
you can either study the HTML to work out what the POST is actually
submitting, or use a proxy or network analyser to look at the data sent
between browser and server.

GpHTTPProxy.ZIP on the ICS usermade download page is ideal for capturing
the data between browser and server, but there are various precompiled
tools that do the same thing. 

One thing to remember is not all the POST parameters will necessarily be
sent, blank parameters are often ignored. 


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