When opening a form that contains ICS components, I received this exception
from the IDE:

Error Reading Form

Unit is already finalized, check your threads!!
line 497).  Ignore the error and continue?  NOTE: Ignoring
the error may cause components to be deleted or property
values to be lost.

I'm not sure how to interpret this.  The comments in the source code
indicate this is a condition that could occur in my application if all
threads are not finished before the application terminates.  But this
occurred during design-time in the IDE.  And I wasn't closing the IDE, I was
opening a form containing ICS components.

I'm using Delphi 2009, Update 3&4, 12.0.3420.21218
I've also installed the Delphi 2009 debugger hotfix from
Developing in Windows 7, 64-bit

OverbyteIcsWndControl.pas dated 11/17/2008.  But the relevant code is still
in SVN:

    Assert(not GUnitFinalized, 'Unit is already finalized, check your
threads!!!'); { V1.09 }

I've worked on this project frequently over the last year and I've never
seen this error before (or in any other projects that use ICS).  The primary
difference is I've only worked in this project a few hours since I switched
to Windows 7 64-bit.

I canceled everything, closed the IDE, and restarted the IDE.  Nothing
should be lost, since the form that threw the error was just being opened
and I was able to save my other forms.

I don't remember the IDE giving me the chance to get a stack trace, but it
might have.  If it happens again, I'll get a stack trace if possible.

Jon Robertson
Borland Certified Advanced Delphi 7 Developer
Good programming is 40% experience, 30% skill, 20% RTFM, 10% caffeine, and
5% attention to detail.
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