TCustomLineWSocket.TriggerSessionClosed does not know in this scenario that
the session is being closed because Abort was called.

I like Francois' idea to implement TCustomLineWSocket.InternalAbort and use
it to clear TCustomLineWSocket's buffer, doing some or all of:
        FRcvdPtr    := nil;
        FRcvBufSize := 0;
        FRcvdCnt    := 0;

At a minimum, setting FRcvdCnt := 0 will prevent TriggerSessionClosed from
calling TriggerDataAvailable;


On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 2:51 PM, DZ-Jay <> wrote:

> On Mar 28, 2010, at 14:04, Arno Garrels wrote:
> > And that's IMHO nonsense, Abort should just throw away and free
> > buffered line-data TCustomLineWSocket.SessionClosed should call
> > inherited SessionClosed silently in this case, or am I missing the
> > point?
> I think you are right.
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