I read about others having this same problem during a web search.  I'm getting 
this problem too.  I'm using THttpCli1 in a tight loop on an external thread to 
send commands to a robot accepting commands as an HTTP server.  I set 
THttpCli's Multithreaded property to TRUE.  But I'm getting tons of errors from 
the Post operation due to the StatusCode coming back as 0 with the the 
ReasonPhrase = 'OK'.  Other times the call works properly returning a 200 
StatusCode.  The returned document is empty when the StatusCode is 0, otherwise 
it returns the correct response document.


Did anyone ever get any more information on what causes this and how to solve 
this?  The call sent, as far as URL, Post data, etc. is identical each pass and 
the call happens about every 100 milliseconds.  I recognize that it may be the 
robot/server actually returning that error code, however this doesn't happen 
when I run the code on the main VCL thread with Multithreaded set to FALSE.


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