Hello all,
sorry for doubling the messages - from web interface I somewhy can't see the 
text of my mails, though in the digest arrived text is present.

wilfried, dZ,
the strangest thing is that socket is created and connected directly before the 
bug. Here is what happens next:

2010-04-16      10:56:00        SocketChangeState, wsClosed -> wsOpened
2010-04-16      10:56:00        TWSocket will connect to
2010-04-16      10:56:00        SocketChangeState, wsOpened -> wsConnecting
2010-04-16      10:56:00        SocketChangeState, wsConnecting -> wsConnected
2010-04-16      10:56:00        SocketSessionConnected, Socket operation on 
non-socket (#10038)
2010-04-16      10:56:00        00D41210 TCustomWSocket.Shutdown 1 1472
2010-04-16      10:56:00        SocketChangeState, wsConnected -> wsClosed
2010-04-16      10:56:00        SocketSessionClosed

I suppose if there was a sudden connection break, the Shutdown shouldn't have 
been called? Seems that problem is on the client side.
I searched through the log and noticed that line

00D41210 TCustomWSocket.Shutdown 1 1472

repeats several times (i.e. the same handle 1472 several times after closing!). 
Seems like not clearing socket handle. Strange...

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