The only thing that displayed wrong for me was the From: 
Subject was fine.

Using Outlook 2007

-----Original Message-----
From: [] On 
Behalf Of =?iso-2022-jp?Q?=1B$B2f$
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2010 12:30 PM
Subject: [twsocket] TSmtpCli testいろはにほへど ちりぬるを我我が世誰ぞ 常ならむ我が世誰ぞ 常ならむ我が世誰ぞ 
常ならむ我が?凾タが世誰ぞ 常ならむ我が世誰ぞ?凾タ常ならむ


This is a test e-mail sent with v7 MailSnd demo and a modified/fixed TSmtpCli. 
The charset is MBCS "iso-2022-jp", those MBCS were not properly supported by 
TSmtpCli including UTF-7. Especially the MIME inline encoding with folded 
header lines are a nightmare to code with those charsets. In order to not fold 
header lines in the middle of a multi-byte codepoint one has to convert to 
multi-byte, encode quoted-printable or base64 if required (or calculate grow) 
and if the resulting string exceeds the limit shorten the source string and 
start over again :( 

If you use MS-Mail with Windows Vista and better or Outlook(Express) and Win-XP 
with additional East Asia languages installed or Thunderbird this message 
should display correctly. The attachment was most likely removed. If you think 
it's not correctly displayed please let me know. Subject and FROM contain just 
random pieces from the poetry below. 

"This poetry contains all the sounds in the Japanese language and used to be 
the first thing for children to learn in their Japanese class. The Hiragana 
version is particularly neat because it covers every character in the phonetic 
Hiragana character set."

Japanese (Hiragana):

いろはにほへど ちりぬるを
わがよたれぞ つねならむ
うゐのおくやま けふこえて
あさきゆめみじ ゑひもせず

Kanji version:

色は匂へど 散りぬるを
我が世誰ぞ 常ならむ
有為の奥山 今日越えて
浅き夢見じ 酔ひもせず

Arno Garrels

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