I have a small webapplication who needs to connect to several servers depending on the data sent. The response of this server will be send back to the end-user. The server responds well. If I use the clientdemo it all works as expected.

However, in my webapplication things go wrong while the code is straight forward like the clientdemo. There are only a few things differently: I need a synchronous call. So I have to wait until the ondatasent has finished. On this event I set a status bit to allow the application to go on. The first time it works, the second time, it doesn't, the third time it works, etc.

I'm using the messagepump of the clientsocket to wait:

function TWebModule5.BuildUDDI : string;
  bMsgOk := false;
  while not bMsgOk do begin
  result := Buffer;

I'm sure I'm doing things wrong. Hints?

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