Zvone wrote:
> When compiling current V7 on CB2010 (possibly D2010 as well) - when
> doing "Install" on the design-time package it pops:
> "Unable to find static library: OverbyteIcsCB2009Run.lib"

I get this as well. To fix it open OverbyteIcsCB2010Design.cbproj 
in a text editor, search and replace "OverbyteIcsCB2009Run.lib"  by 
> On a related note - when doing install should I change active
> configuration to "Release" for both Run-time and Design-time packages
> or should I leave it on "Debug" before clicking "Make" (on run-time
> package) and "Install" (on design-time package)?
> I tried with both and they both pop the above message.

I don't know, however the above change should stop the error message. 
> Also, if anyone knows the difference between TMimeDecode,
> TMimeDecodeEx and TMimeDecodeW and which one should be used under
> which occasion?

TMimeDecode is the ANSI-version.
TMimeDecodeW, derrived from TMimeDecode, is capable to decode MIME
inline encoded header lines to UnicodeString/WideString. Both decode 

TMimeDecodeEx, derrived from TMimeDecodeW, decodes a complete MIME 
message in memory and provides easy access to the parts, however 
I won't use it to decode huge messages when memory usage matters.

Arno Garrels

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