Your best bet, as your user wants to use a specific proxy, is to ask
them to provide you with an install of such a proxy (as a loan item,
that you will return to them when you're done developing and testing)
with the account setup instructions, so you can make your own test
system, allowing you to freely test your code, without anoying any other
system users/owners or whoever.

If the proxy is prompting you for an account, you have connected!  What
you need to find out is what the account details are, that you need to
feed it, so it can give you access to where you (your user) needs to go


Dave B.

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> From: Info2004 [mailto:info2...@asamicros.com] 
> Sent: 17 May 2010 09:54
> To: ICS support mailing
> Subject: [twsocket] Connect to FTP proxy not in transparent 
> mode - promptfor account
> Hi,
> If the ftp proxy is prompting for account, how should I connect?
> Should I set the account string property and call 
> ConnectAsync, or should I call ConnectAsync then AcctAsync, 
> or just call AcctAsync?
> I'm struggling to test as I have no access to the proxy in 
> question, otherwise I'd just use trial and error.
> Googling for a proxy to download and install is coming up 
> with lots that use transparent mode, but that's not what I need.
> Anyone used a free ftp proxy that can use authentication?
> ....Andy
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